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Chuck Mason|Midwest Monster

Chuck Mason was recently featured in Hear & Now Magazine‘s Midwest Money Monsters segment on pages 30-31. They note him as being an “Innovative Legendary Musician.” Check him out here!  A big shout-out and thank you to Hear & Now Magazine for supporting The Chuck Mason Brand.


Interview w/ Jamendo Artists Corner

href=””> 1. When did you start making music and how? Any fun anecdote about your debut as a hip hop artist? I started composing music in the late 90′s. A couple friends of mine and I formed a Christian Rap trio named “Nu Testament Cru”. We slowly made the transition to composing secular music. My more »

#SummersEulogy (The Introduction Leak)

I just recorded this song this weekend. It has not been fully mixed far from being mastered but I wanted to give you a hint of what this album is like. I appreciate your loyalty patience and dedication. #SummersEulogy #DefyOddsAndDefySelf